Share My Wife With Another Woman

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share my wife with another woman
I'm sharing my wife with another woman. My wife is an occasional bi. My wife loves me more looks now. Why?

Just curious, why why my wife loves me more to give the green light to casual sex with another woman bi? Do not get me wrong, I like that I feel more love. I am confused because I worried that our marriage would hurt if I left her at his side bi. But it was the opposite. She sees her friends once a month and we openly communicate their relationship with January Can any of you relate? Both women are married, each has 4 children and both are very feminine. No chance either would leave their husbands. So no, my wife is to have your cake and eat it too.

90% of women treated for bi …. These are normal heterosexual women. I love you baby more .. each and every day …

Steven Curtis Chapman – How Do I Love A Woman

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