Wife Boyfriend Stories

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wife boyfriend stories

Words have more meaning in our lives and in our relationships than we realize. Once you say something, you remember it and play it back in your head again and again, especially when it is something with emotional intensity. Men especially tend to remember details of your exchanges, so it is essential that you realize that your words will have an impact on him. From my experience, it is not the ‘I love you’ that matters, it is the other things you say that make him feel like the most special person in the world – because he is, to you.

This is not to say that ‘I love you’ is not a great thing to tell your man, but realize that there are other ways to express the same feelings, especially if you are not quite at that ‘love’ stage.

1) I Love Your ________.

Whenever my man is having troubles with work or with other things in his life, I make sure to take the time to tell him what I love about him. Not only does this help him to feel secure in our relationship, but it also reminds him that even though the rest of the world might be crazy right now, he is still worth something to me.

I try to be as specific as possible (i.e. I love your dedication to work and how you never give up) as this is a lot more meaningful than simply telling him that you love the way he smiles. Try to focus on something that he’s doing. And of course, complimenting his muscles works too.

2) I Want You

If you want to turn a guy on in less than five seconds, just tell him that you want him. He should be as sick as can be or as stressed as can be, and this phrase will instantly turn him on. I like to whisper this to my man whenever we are out in public. No one else can hear me, but my man can and it makes him smile every time. Just realizing that I’m attracted to him is enough to make him focus his attention all on me and on our relationship.

3) I Trust You

Men tend to feel threatened at times when it seems like we do not trust them enough. So, to make sure he realizes that your trust him completely, let him know. Even if he is driving around in circles because he does not want to ask for directions, let him know that you trust he will find the way back home. And then keep your mouth shut. Allow him to figure things out for himself and he will realize just how strong your attraction to him is. He won’t feel self-conscious or nervous that you might be judging him. Just trust him.

4) You Make Me Feel Safe

Being the big man who can take care of his woman seems to be a strong belief among men. My boyfriend, for example, likes it when I hold onto him when we are out in public as it makes him feel like he is protecting me from the ‘bad guys’ in the world. Whether you are out in public or you are in bed together, let him know how safe he makes you feel – he will not only appreciate it, but he will also take that role seriously.

5) I Can’t Imagine Being With Anyone Else But You

For men, it is not about how much we love them, but rather how much we value them over everyone else. The fact of the matter is that you could be with anyone you want to be, but you CHOOSE to be with your current man. Make sure he knows that you cannot imagine being with anyone else. This makes him feel special and connected to you. And through this emotional connection and this feeling of accomplishment, he will feel more drawn to you inside and outside of the bedroom.

I know that in previous relationships of mine, I used to assume that because my man was quiet, I needed to be quiet too. But in reality, I think my previous partners were waiting for me to tell them something that would make them feel special. Women are not the only ones that need to be reassured in our relationships.

Feeling secure leads to feeling intimate with each other – and that leads to racing heartbeats and sexual tension. Realizing that you are both committed to each other and enthralled to be with each other builds up the feelings of sexual tension, and who knows where that might lead?

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